Our Mission...

It is the mission of Hope Haven of East Texas, through partnerships with churches, families, and the community, to provide a safe home environment, minister the love of Christ, and to equip neglected and abused girls in the foster care system, preparing them for healthy adult living.

We are a place of hope, resortation, and opportunity for children and teenage girls in foster care. We provide housing and around the clock assistance to prepare these girls for their future. Our therapy programs, volunteers, and donors are what make us stand apart and leave a lasting impression of hope. We are more than a facility, we are a community built on love and encouragement. 

As you look around our site and listen to the various stories our girls in foster care... we encourage you to volunteer, sign up for more information, and/or donate to help us make a path forward for these chidlren and teenage girls in need. 

As these girls walk through our doors they are greeted with acceptance, understanding, love, kindness, and empowerment. The subtle reassurance we provide each day is that we are there through the struggles and there to help them reach new horizons. Every girl comes in with a different story.  You will find that we are changed every day as we walk through life in partnership with these girls. We offer an ear to listen and cultivate authentic relationships with each new face we meet. Regardless of the battles they face, whether it is anxiety, fear, depression, and/or trauma... we aim to shower them with a family environment that produces and nutures growth. Learning new ways to cope and manage their day-to-day routine comes through a supportive and healthy environment that we provide here at Hope Haven of East Texas. 

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