What We Do...

Hope Haven is a faith-based nonprofit organization that serves girls who are in the Texas foster care system.  We do this through three programs. Our Gateway of Hope campus serves girls ages 13-17 who need a therapeutic environment to address emotional and behavioral issues. Our Oak Haven campus offers shared housing for four young women ages 18-21 who need assistance transitioning into adulthood from foster care. Rekindle is our Child Placement Agency with a focus on the forgotten kids, the older children, and those with emotional and behavioral needs. Our goal is to provide a loving, nurturing environment where each child or youth will get their needs met in ways that promote their understanding that they are safe, precious, and have a voice.

Children who have been abused or neglected may experience several negative impacts including posttraumatic stress, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, aggressiveness, substance abuse, self-harm, and suicide. Without therapeutic intervention, the consequences from past trauma may continue throughout their lifespan.  We work to help the girls cope and heal so that they can be a more adjusted, healthy adult. 

Our staff and volunteers are trained using a pre-service treatment model from Pressley Ridge.  The comprehensive, evidence- and competency-based program is designed to help trainers and program managers ensure a high standard of excellence in services for children and youth in foster care.  See their website below for more information. 

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Why We Exist... 

There are not enough foster homes for the demand and teenage girls are the most difficult demographic to place in a loving home.  Hope Haven offers an alternative to care for multiple girls. Each campus has a unique role in serving a total of 27 girls at a time.

Ministry In Action...     

Employees and volunteers minister the love of Christ through building safe, loving relationships. We welcome individuals and groups to participate in providing fun activities, life skills, normalcy, and nurture to our residents.  

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The girls we provide care for need love, consistency, and normalcy. Not only do they need it, but THEY DESERVE IT.  The opportunities to get involved are endless, whether it be praying for the girls, volunteering with the girls, one-on-one mentoring, becoming a monthly donor, and so on. We want to help you find your place here within our mission.