Treatment Director
Department: Residential Group Home
Salary: dependent upon experience
City/State: Lindale/TX
Education: LCP, LMFT or LMSW-ACP
Type: Full Time
Experience: Texas welfare system, 5yrs+ adolescent girls, evidence-based programs
Relocation: N/A
Contact Name: Jamie Sanders
Contact Email:
Date Posted: Jul 18, 2023



Hope Haven of East Texas is a Christian, faith-based non-profit ministry that provides for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of children in foster care. It is the mission of Hope Haven of East Texas, through partnerships with churches, families, and the community, to provide a safe home environment, minister the love of Christ, and to equip children in the foster care system, preparing them for healthy adult living.

JOB TITLE:                   Treatment Director

REPORTS TO:              Administrator 

SUPERVISES:              Case Manager(s), Staff Therapist(s)


The Treatment Director is responsible for the oversight of the overall treatment program of Hope Haven’s Group Residential Operation (GRO), specifically including the implementation and oversight of a therapeutic treatment program, the management of therapeutic interventions, and providing direction to Care Staff in interactions with residents. This individual will also serve in an advisory capacity to our other programs.



    1. Overall Treatment Program

  • Develops, implements, and supervises treatment program based on a TF-CBT Model.
  • Oversees the development of policies and procedures for treatment program.
  • Directs Case Managers, Residential Manager and Care Staff in the implementation of treatment program in the GRO.
  • Provides direct supervision for the Case Managers and Therapist.
  • Reviews the overall effectiveness of the treatment program, and communicates findings with Executive Director, Administrator, and other staff.

    2. Treatment of Children

  • Ensures that each child participates regularly in the treatment program and that the progress of treatment is documented.
  • Implements weekly therapeutic group meetings with all residents based on pre-determined treatment objectives.
  • Reviews, approves, and makes recommendations for treatment for children, including appropriate therapy, counseling and training sessions.
  • Reviews, approves and signs individualized treatment plans.
  • Facilitates communication and integration of each child’s progress and needs with the direct care staff to maximize impact of treatment.

    3. Compliance and Minimum Standards - Assists GRO Administrator as needed in the following:

  • Assists GRO Administrator as needed in the following:
  • Auditing children’s files regarding treatment as needed for compliance with residential child-care licensing, residential contracts, agency policies and procedures and Youth for Tomorrow (YFT) standards.
  • Developing and implementing procedures and forms which assist in meeting treatment standards.

    4. Crisis Intervention

  • Assists in crisis intervention situations as needed.
  • Is available 24 hours a day to provide guidance, assistance, and supervision of treatment issues as needed during crisis.
  • Writes or advises and approves written safety plans as needed.

    5. Training

  • Participates in in-service training.  For this position, 30 clock hours of job-related training are required for the first year of assignment to Residential Treatment Center responsibilities.  Thereafter, 20 clock hours of job-related training are required.
  • Participates as a member of the training team to provide training for the organization, as needed.
  • Recommends training for staff that would enhance ongoing development and effectiveness of the treatment program.

    6. Organizational Leadership

  • Actively participates in leadership team meetings and special staffing as needed. 
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to members of the Administrative Leadership Team to ensure a therapeutic continuum of care across all of Hope Haven’s programs.
  • Assists in interviewing and provides advice in hiring members of the treatment team from a therapeutic perspective.

7. Community Connections

  • Maintains supportive relationships with community resources, including identifying on-going training and support needs, and assists in obtaining such services.
  • Participates in public relations assignments as needed.

    8. Performs other assignments and duties as necessary and requested by the Executive Director.


These requirements represent minimum levels needed to perform the job on a satisfactory basis.  Candidates must have the ability to satisfactorily perform the essential functions of the job.

This position requires a Master's Degree in a human services field and current license as a professional counselor, clinical social worker, or marriage and family therapist.

Additionally, the candidate must:

1. Possess basic knowledge of Residential Child-Care licensing and contracts, Minimum Standards for Residential Treatment Centers, and Youth For Tomorrow (YFT) Guidelines.

2. Possess skills necessary for the supervision of the overall therapeutic treatment program within a GRO setting.

3. Be able to recognize differences in sound, such as voices/noises that are loud and playful instead of angry and combative and be able to differentiate tones and volumes in conversations.

4. Be able to handle multiple tasks and motivate others.

5. Be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and possess good organizational skills.

6. Be able to deal with a variety of adults and children with a range of personalities and problems, use good judgment, and maintain confidentiality.

7. Possess a personality attuned to meeting the needs of children and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, children, parents, professionals, agency representatives, and the public.

8. Be willing to take CPR, first aid, and restraint training.

9. Possess sufficiently good health to properly discharge duties.  Employees shall not be permitted to work when they have an infectious disease or skin lesions for the duration of the communicability.

10. Be a self-starter and able to work independently with minimal supervision and exercise sound judgment.

11. Possess a basic knowledge and understanding of the legalities involved with medical intervention.

12. Be able to effectively work under pressure and remain flexible as priorities change.

13. Be able to supervise others’ work and hold others accountable for assigned duties and documentation; provide training, development, and feedback to staff and other persons.

14. Acknowledge the unique Faith Based Mission Statement of Hope Haven of East Texas.


This position requires a master’s degree in social work, counseling, psychology, or other human services field.  It is essential that there is acceptance and commitment to the organization’s Faith Based Mission Statement. Experience working in the Texas welfare system with children placed in foster care is highly desirable.  Experience working with adolescent females is highly desirable.