Partners of HOPE is an easy, tangible way to plug into the ministry.  Your monthly donations support ongoing therapeutic programs for girls who have suffered trauma from abuse and neglect.  Most girls in our care have been sexually abused.  Many of them have been neglected.  Several have been exposed to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. 

Your faithful contribution provides daily care, nutritious meals, transportation, normalcy, and recreational therapy such as archery lessons, equine therapy, art therapy, drivers education, and summer camps, or other similar programs. 

Partners who sign up now through December 31, 2023 will be designated as charter members. Please prayerfully consider being one of the first to help build a firm foundation of strength, safety, and living hope for children in foster care. Together, we can equip them for a future that is not determined by what has happened in their pasts. 

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What impact could my gift make?

A gift of $500/mo. ($6,000/yr.) could provide the fuel needed to transport our girls for six months.

A gift of $250/mo. ($3,000/yr.) could provide water for one house for a year.

A gift of $100/mo. ($1,200/yr.) could provide the funds to celebrate each girl's birthday this year.

A gift of $50/mo. ($600/yr.) could provide clothing for one girl for a year.

A gift of $25/mo. ($300/yr.) could provide a month of meals and snacks for one girl.

A gift of $10/mo. ($120/yr.) could provide school supplies for one girl this year.